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We are Squid Technologies, a B2B-focused innovations company.
We dig deep and study how organizations in various markets go about engaging their customers.

We find gaps where they are over-spending their valuable resources to get things done, the very same things we could help them do in a fraction of the time and/or cost, using technology combined with creativity.. In short we make businesses better by reducing time, effort and costs it takes them to run their operations. It’s as simple as that. .

Identify Gaps

identity gaps

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation & Creativity

Build Bridges

Build Bridges

To create technology-powered solutions that stand the test of time.


"An unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in everything we do."
"Strive to be the preferred employer by making the work environment challenging, fun and most of all inspiring."
"All customers and vendors in our value chain are our partners.”
"Will not shy away from our obligation to be environment-friendly.”
"Ensure sustainable growth and maximize returns to shareholders and investors."


allbox- Allbox is an environment friendly, enterprise grade digital platform that brings your organization and user base together onto one app.

For service providers, allbox enables you to connect & interact with your users with your very own controlled box on our app. Communicate, facilitate, resolve & meet customer needs instantly with allbox.

Benefits available to Service Providers:

  • Send bills, reminders alerts,notices,newsletters & more directly to customers
  • Unified calendar for all planned events
  • Targeted communication
  • Feedback facility to get user viewpoints
  • Online bill payment
  • Customised MIS
  • Unlimited data storage on secure servers

Users get the added advantage of a single app to connect with all their service providers, no more usage of different apps , bring it all in one place!

Take your service mobile today –Zero Cap-ex,Op-ex & Maintenance.

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allbox corporate- Allbox corporate is the second app in the allbox family specially designed for Corporates that are looking to bring themselves on the mobile to enable quick & easy automation, communication & reporting for their employees.

Allbox Corporate brings together all possible interactions that take place between the organisation and its employees and provides them on our mobile application.

With the help of a structured authorization matrix & workflow set in place by you, Corporates & Employees with the help of allbox corporate avail of the following benefits:

  • Introduces an official platform for communication & ESS to your organisation
  • Attendance Tracker – Avail of multiple ways to capture employee attendance – Location Based Check In & Check Out, Biometric Integration & Proximity Reading Via Phone NFC device
  • Expense Management – Manage expenses on the move. With the help of our app employees can apply for reimbursement of any expense they might have incurred for business purposes. Seniors can approve or reject these applications anywhere anytime.
  • Leave Management – Employees may also apply for leaves which will follow the authorization matrix setup and will be moved forward to the respective senior for approval or rejection.
  • Vault – Store and provide easy access to common company documents that may be needed by employees for use during business hours
  • Tracking – Track the live location of personnel that have been sent on field assignments to make sure efficient use of time is being carried out
  • CRM- Our CRM tool allows capture of customer data, which is transferred in real time to seniors for viewing on the go.
  • Manage events calendar; circulate important dates and events with ability to set reminders
  • Searchable archive of all communication for up to 7 years, unlimited secured storage
  • Customized MIS and Reports for data analysis and mining

All information entered is maintained & viewed based on the authorization matrix setup. Additionally the all data entered synced & stored on our secure cloud for reference at any time.

Take your company mobile today- Zero Cap-ex,Op-ex & Maintenance.

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Our Office

We are always on the lookout for pro-active, high energy and talented team members.

Email us your Resume/CV, mentioning the job code in the subject line, to jobs@squidtechnologies.net

Even if you do not see a job opening matching your skills, feel free to email us your Resume/CV anyways. We will keep it on record for future openings.

➤ iOS Developer / Job Code 0815-001

➤ Android Developer / Job Code 0815-002

➤ MS SQL Server DBA / Job Code 0815-003

➤ Business Development Executives / Job Code 0815-004

➤ Marketing Research Executive / Job Code 0815-005

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